Tim Berners-Lee Vies To Save World Wide Web

Silicon Valley Paves Way For Muhammad To Load Up Self-Driving Cars With Diesel & Fertilizer Payload...


California Man Arrested At White House After Jumping Fence

Preet Bharara Forced Out As US Attorney For Southern District Of New York
Conservatives Ask, "Can't You ACT Civil?"
WHAT THE FUCK?!! Oh it's South Carolina...
Posting female nudes is a single marines way of saying he ain't a fag
California State Bar bans sex between attorneys and clients...don't worry little fella, you're still gonna get fucked!
Republican Health Bill Deemed Unhealthy By Many
Judge Blocks New Travel Ban On Syrian Family...

...AGs In 6 States Challenge New Order

Report: Paul Ryan's Plan Could Force 15 Million to Lose Health Coverage
Scott Pruitt Says No to CO2 and Social Justice at EPA
Melania Trump's Popularity Skyrocketing
Creator of Fake News Website To Donate Ad Revenue To Democrats
Lethal Opiates Delivered By Mail From China, Killing Addicts In The U.S.
ACLU Starts New Grassroots Trump Resistance Campaign
Seattle Synagogue Vandalized In US' Latest Anti-Semitic Attack
Here's How to Establish a Merit-based Legal Immigration System
Schumer Repeats Planned Parenthood Lie to Try and Save Funding
News Sure To Make Julian Leak....
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Says Battle Against Dakota Access to Continue
Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Vixen run for lives
Starbucks' Refugee-Hiring Plan Is Getting A Latte Pushback
Federal District Court Denies To Halt Trump's New Immigration Order
Another One! Taxpayer-Funded Energy Company Files Goes Bankrupt
Suspected Smuggler With 10 Pounds Of Cocaine Wrapped Around His Legs Busted At JFK
Daylight Saving Time Returns Early Sunday Morning
FDNY Spending $4.5 Million Per Year To Staff Trump Tower
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Couple Fakes Homicide Scene, Claims It Was A Joke
Truck Collides With Jet At Boston Airport


See What New Yorkers Think...


Well, Was She?.... (She Wasn't)
When Art Meets Power
California has the USA’s highest poverty rate, when factoring in cost-of-living
Watching the EU UN-GLUE

Juice On The Loose?
Fortune Cookie Say You Need Better Tippy Or We Poison You... Should Have Picked The Eggroll
Dog Becomes Tiger Cub 'Nanny'...  Later, May Become Delicious Sammy...
Wow, in Venezuela they REALLY DO THROW AWAY THE KEY!
Running out of 13year olds in France and Poland?
Dutch Embassy And Consulate In Turkey Closed Off

Erdogan Calls Dutch Nazis

Turkish Minister Blocked By Dutch Police From Entering Rotterdam Consulate

Plane Carrying Turkish FM Denied Landing in Netherlands
Why Canada Will Come To Regret Its Embrace of Refugees
Second ISIS Consisting of Defeated Rebels is Emerging in Syria
Second Explosion Rocks Sweden in 24 Hours, Suspected Bomb
Czech President Pokes Fun At Media, Declares Himself 'Agent of Putin, Trump, China & Israel'
Roughly 150,000 Russian Citizens Repatriated From Abroad In 2016
White Men Are An 'Endangered Species' In British Boardrooms, Says Tesco Boss



What the CIA WikiLeaks Dump Tells Us: Encryption Works
Employees who decline genetic testing could face penalties under proposed bill
Can Sleep Deprivation Cure Depression?
48M Twitter Accounts Are Bots
SEC Bitcoin Release
A little-known iPhone feature that lets blind people see with their fingers
Stocks are up but 80% of the value is held by the richest 10%
Reaching New Records In Speech Recognition ( IBM Watson)
EFF Applauds Amazon For Pushing Back on Request for Echo Data
[CODE] Promote Keyboard Shortcuts With "No mouse"
Both Geniuses And Madmen Pay Attention To What Others Ignore
How To Recover Lost Python Source Code If It's Still Resident In-Memory
Window Maker 0.95.8 released (X11 window manager)
[SciFi] The Case for HAL's Sanity
Intel to more actively engage with FreeBSD Foundation and make $250K donation
Linting HTML using CSS
[CODE] Building A Digital Clock In Conway's Game of Life
3D DUKE NUKE EM... Hold on Sarge, was I supposed to bring the glue??
Police Allegedly Threaten A UK Photographer With Seizure Of All His Computers
Will WebAssembly Replace JavaScript?
'USG' Firewalls Protect USB Drives From Malicious Attacks
Bitcoin Takes Major Setback, ETF Denied
FBI Used Best Buy's Geek Squad To Increase Secret Public Surveillance
[CODE] Jarvis - A Personal Assistant for Linux
How to Scale PostgreSQL on AWS: Learnings from Citus Cloud
How Is Mastering Autonomous Driving with Deep Learning

Microsoft Debuts Project Scorpio Next-Generation Xbox Gaming Console

Do Liberals Trust The Mainstream Media Anymore?

Gavin McInnes And Joe Rogan On The Trump Effect

How Illegal Immigrants Prepare For The Trump Wall


[MUSIC] Something This Way Magic - Burn



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